Mark Mester was suspended and Controversy

KTLA news anchor Mark Mester suspended in the wake of the co-anchors departure

Mark Mester was suspended and Controversy

The tumult continued today at L.A.’s Nexstar-owned KTLA-TV as the outlet Weekend Morning News anchor Mark Mester was broken, Deadline has confirmed.

Mester’s suspension comes less than a week after it was abruptly announced that his co-anchor, Lynette Romero, was leaving the station.

On Wednesday, the station’s longtime entertainment specialist Sam Rubin went on air with what he termed “some news that we’ve just been handed here that we wanted to share with you first.”

Rubin said in the message that Romero had “decided to move on after nearly 24 years at KTLA.”

He said management “worked hard” to get her to stay, but she chose to depart.

Mark Mester was suspended and Controversy

While none of the parties involved seem to be disputing that Romero wanted to leave — including Romero herself — fans and the station’s faithful took to Twitter to lament her sudden exit. 

On Saturday, Romero’s co-anchor Mester went on air and,  “an apology” to viewers: “What the viewers experienced was rude, it was cruel, it was inappropriate, and we are so sorry.”

“I also want to say sorry to Lynette Romero,” he continued, “because, Lynette, I love you so much. You really are my best friend. You did not deserve what happened to you on Wednesday.”

Apparently, Mester’s commentary did not sit well with station management, because he now has been suspended. There is no indication for how long or how it will impact the station’s Weekend Morning News

Longtime KTLA reporter Dayna Devon announced her departure from Weekend Morning News in the last month.

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